Regression with SPSS

As with the other statistics we've done, regression is pretty straight forward.

In our last SPSS work we started with an SPSS-formatted data file. For a change of pace, we'll work with an Excel file this time. Once you launch SPSS, go to the Opern Data function and browse to the CARMPG.XLS file. In order for it to show up, you'll have to change the file type to Excel.

Since spreadsheet file often have multiple sheets, you'll get a window that allows you to select the appropriate sheet.

In this case, the default sheet selection is fine so you can just click OK. YOu should end up with the following.

Before moving onto regression, let's look how well SPSS translated the data. When Excel files are imported into SPSS the data type doesn't always translate the way we'd like. You can click on the Variable View. You'll In this case, CityMPG was translated as numeric but with a nominal measurement level.

You can click on the Measure value and change this to Scale.

Now your data is ready to go. Click back to the Data View.

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