Thomas G. Groleau, Ph.D.

Carthage College
Kenosha, WI 53140-1994
Office: 262.551.5983

Ph.D. (1995) University of Kentucky - Gatton College of Business and Economics
Area: Decision Science and Information Systems
M.S. Operations Research (1991) University of Kentucky - College of Arts and Sciences
B.A. Mathematics (1985) St. Norbert College

CURRENT POSITION - Carthage College

Business Administration Faculty (Professor 2013-Present, Associate Professor 2004-2013, Assistant Professor 1999-2004)

Division Chair (2010-2015): Oversaw department operations including budgets, schedules, and faculty development; directed semi-annual meetings with outside advisory committees; directed divisional assessment and strategic planning; and monthly division meetings.

Business Administration Department Chair (2004-2010): Responsibilities included program assessment and annual accreditation reporting, budgeting, hiring adjuncts, scheduling classes, observing and evaluating junior faculty, overseeing curriculum and catalog content, approval of transfer courses, grade appeals, managing endowed scholarship awards, coordinating with Freshman advisors.

Committee/Service Work: Chapman Executive in Residence Program Director, Academic Senate, Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees, Retention Task Force, Campus Tech Fellow, Quantitative Reasoning Task Force, Curriculum Planning Committee, Heritage Oversight Committee, Student-Faculty Judicial Review Committee, Social Science Division Secretary.





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